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World’s first Sports Performance Analysis System integrated with comprehensive soccer statistics collection and in-depth tactical analysis.

Smart Basketball

Our Technology

Smart Playground

Using indoor positioning technology, with high-performance computing and image processing systems.

Basketball beat

12,000 by 50km / h crash test plate . OEM manufacturers in Taiwan cooperation to create a line with FIBA the highest standards.

Rhythm priority

Basketball rhythm of the music; the use of our proprietary technology developed by the user.

Precision matter

We have developed the use of mobile indoor positioning satellite base station and a multi- angle camera lens.

From passion

We have the strongest algorithms engineer , accurate calculation for the space between the ball and users.

Smart football

Built-in dynamic sensors and other high-tech modules like wireless charging technology and last generation Bluetooth.

Feel it, motion capture!

Exclusive development of indoor positioning algorithms: image recognition and motion capture.

Big data, one for all

Through calculated, use big data analysis, gives the user professional advice to adjust the training program.

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